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Public Programs

Meetings will be held online through zoom and/or in person as noted.

These programs are seasonal, running only from around mid-September to mid-June.
$5 suggested donation is much appreciated.

Friday evening programs 
7-9 pm
$5+ suggested donation

Sacred Hospitality - Applied Anthroposophy

MARCH 1  |  FRIDAY  |  7:00 - 9:00 pm

Attend In-Person at the Lodge

Video presentation followed by discussion

Presentation given in April 2023 to the Applied Anthroposophy Course 3 and World Social Initiative Forum

Orland Bishop brings together several deep streams, including African Ancestral Spirituality and Anthroposophy. Born in Caribbean Guyana and moving to the US as a teenager, to New York, he brought a unique perspective with him, already having had spiritual experiences particularly in the ancestral realm. He studied medicine, but chose another path, working in Los Angeles forming the Shade Tree Foundation, bringing a truce to gang warfare in the community and other actions of community and spiritual healing. In this talk, Orland brings a challenge invitation from the future to the present moment. Please join us.

An Ancient Art: Polyphonic Singing

MARCH 15  |  FRIDAY  |  7:00 - 9:00 pm

Attend In-Person at the Lodge

Performance by Kuja

Kuja, also known as The Throat Singer, has been performing Mongolian throat singing throughout Metro-Detroit. The evening will begin with an informative short talk on polyphonic singing followed by a demonstration and performance with various Mongolian instruments and styles of throat singing.

A Buddhist Approach to Accepting Ourselves & Building Our Life Legacy
MARCH 22  |  FRIDAY  |  7:00 - 9:00 pm

Attend In-Person at the Lodge

Presentation by Mike Whitty

An encouraging talk followed by small group breakouts reflecting on how we plan to do this while trusting life itself so that we can be compassionate, loving, trusting & serving all others. A heart opening evening inspiring each other to be a light on the path.

Prof. Mike has given talks on optimistic aging, acceptance of ourselves & life itself, TS as a framework for human unity in diversity. Mike Whitty taught labor-management relations at UD-Mercy and is active in many organizations in Detroit. He is committed to building bridges wherever they are needed, creating harmony and peace among all people.

Parallel parking along the building, the Westborn market, or surrounding side streets. 


Door opens at 6:30 pm


We kindly ask that you give a donation to the Lodge.

$5+ suggested donation

Theosophy & more

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Becoming a lo
dge member entails joining both the National and Local lodges. 

Please submit your National application separately and directly to TSA.

The Theosophical Society in America ($72/year)

The Theosophical Society in Detroit
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