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Doors open at 6:30 p.m.   From 6:30 to 6:55 is time for socializing, browsing through the bookstore and library.
Program begins promptly at 7:00 p.m.    $5 suggested donation is appreciated.

Nov 1   Healing: Ayurvedic Perspectives and Universal Truths
David Jameson, DNM

David Jameson, DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner) will be discussing the ancient teachings of the universe, as they tell us deeper information about the true nature of healing.  Dr. Jameson will present material that is rarely disseminated. The crescendo of the presentation will be the tie in between the ancient teachings, how the universe works and how Ayurveda is actually systematically following these very teachings and universal truths.   

David Jameson, DNM has worked in clinics in India, received training from gurus, and learned Ayurveda from sacred sources that are dwindling.  David has a passion for truth-seeking, is fearless in his research and approach to helping mankind. He is developing DNA and quantum level healing modalities at his clinic, Blue Lotus Healing Center.

Nov 8   Reincarnation and Atavism
David Zimmerman

With the influence of the Aquarian Age firmly upon us, a growing number of people seek answers to the apparent injustices in life; disease; inequality; answers to which the Church is no longer capable of providing.  Instead, many have turned to Reincarnation and it’s sister doctrine Karma for it is only here that these answers may be found. David presents us with the facts behind reincarnation, and shows us that, far from being a belief held only in the East, reincarnation also has its roots firmly planted in the West where it can be traced throughout our rich and cultured society in the lives of its  greatest men and women - the poets, philosophers, and inventors. Atavism will also be discussed as it represents an added influence through past lives that shape future incarnation. David is an esoteric astrologer and board member of the Theosophical Society in Detroit. 


Friday Lecture and Saturday Workshop with Barbara Hebert (See Flyer)
President of the Theosophical Society in America
November 15: Reincarnation: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Implications 
November 16: Connecting with Self and Others - And Founder’s Day

Nov 15    Reincarnation: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Implications 
Presentation by Barbara Hebert

Reincarnation has been a topic of great interest to many individuals over the years. It has moved from a forbidden topic to a subject that is casually discussed in daily conversation. More than this, however, the ancient teaching of reincarnation provides us with direction for living our daily lives and offers insight into the often confusing and tumultuous world around us. 

Nov 16     Connecting with Self and Others - And Founder’s Day
Workshop by Barbara Herbert

Barbara Hebert will conduct an interactive workshop, we will explore various aspects of spirituality, focusing on awareness of and connection with Self and others.  The workshop will include discussion, meditation, and open-minded inquiry. Topics will focus on understanding ourselves more thoroughly as well as connecting with others more deeply to provide increased insight into the transformational journey we call life. We will also celebrate Founder’s Day, November 17, 1875, with lunch and a brief forward by the National President.


Dr. Barbara B. Hebert is currently President of the Theosophical Society in America.  A third-generation Theosophist and a member of the TSA for over 40 years, she has been active in local, regional, and national Theosophical activities.  Through the years, she has worked as a mental health professional in a variety of settings. 

Nov 22 “Reversing the Flow: A Conscious Choice" & Sound Meditation
Presentation by Tim Boyd & Sound Meditation by Sandy Naimou

Sandy Naimou will facilitate the evening with a recorded presentation by Tim Boyd, a group sharing, and a breath and sound meditation.  In his presentation, Tim Boyd discusses redirecting "the flow" that "pushes us into unawareness." When we choose to practice awareness, we can make changes that cultivate inner qualities we need most; "peacefulness, clarity, and wisdom," and thus, "reverse the flow."  To demonstrate the power of paying attention, we will practice with a sound & gong meditation. Sandy Naimou is currently President of the TSD, teaches and studies Yoga full-time, and has a degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies. She also offers full sound immersions, Yoga Nidra, and drum circles. 


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Our Friday Night talks are world famous. Did you miss a Friday Night talk? Well, you are in luck Some of the talks are posted on YouTube. 

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